HoneyChrome is an artist from Brooklyn. He is a musician, song writer and also a visual artist.
HoneyChrome let’s talk about you, how is your life in New York?
My life is as it should be. I face some hardships now and then, but less and less. I’ve opened myself up to all possibilities. I am pouring my heart into my work (of all kinds) and it is starting to come back to me. Once I let go of trying to dictate the path, the path began unfolding. New York City is a wonderful place to find a path. 
What are your favorite movies?
I like The Matrix. Not a huge movie person, but lately I just watched Zootpia and loved it. 
How much your music influence your art?
The two disciplines influence each other because they are all about vibration. 
Five words to describe your works?
New Wave Urban Abstract Pop 
What kind of music and art do you hate?
Hate is a funny thing, yeah? When you hate something, you direct just as much focus on it as when you love it, and you perpetuate its existence in your life experience. Why spend time hating things when you can spend time with music and art you do love?
Ilaria Bochicchio

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STREET SMART COLLECTIVE is proud to announce our fourth installment of 2017: THE GREAT ATTRACTOR  Sunday May 28th.  Held in the center of NYC’s urban arts district, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Hosted by HoneyChrome at gallery, bar and event space TERRA FIRMA, Located at 119 Ingraham St. 
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