Carlotta Carzaniga was born and raised in Milan, Italy; now lives and works in Providence, PI.

Her passion for contemporary art began quite early in her life.
At the age of fourteen she attended a five years art program at the Preziosine Institute, Monza, Italy.
Although the art diploma confirmed her love for art and beauty, she felt the necessity to understand better this phenomenon called “Art”. Carlotta decided so to get her degree in Philosophy at the State University of Milan.

The degree in Theoretical Philosophy helped her to reach a more deep and critical approach on reality, questioning and re-thinking the human being’s perception of life and relationships.
In 2003 she moved to U.S  and got accepted into the Post Bachelor program at the School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, majoring in Installation Art.
Now she continues her work as an independent artist focusing on drawings of small scales.
She recently founded her first start up in collaboration with her twin sister Camilla Carzaniga, architect and designer.




Solo exhibition

2007      L’Altare, Pluto Gallery, Enschede, NL, Italy

2006     The Gardens of Madness, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

Collective exhibition

2013     The drawing project, Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2011     The Garden of Madness, window display, Michele Mercaldo Gallery,Boston, MA,  USA

2010     Iceberg, By Hand, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA

2010     Print Exhibition, Gatto Nero Gallery, St. Johnsburry, VT, USA

2009     Coexistence installation, Catherine Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro, VT, USA

2009     By Hand, Art Space Gallery, Maynard, MA, USA

2009     Art Jewelry, GASP Gallery, Brookline, MA, USA

2009     Red Feathers,

2008     Home, Apollinaire Theatre Gallery, Chelsea,MA,USA.

2008     Burka Bracelets, Art Jewelry, G.A.S.P. Gallery, Brookline, Boston,MA,USA2008 Inside Out, School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston,MA,USA

2007     Seduction Tree, Christmas City Park event, Milano,Italy

2007     Small Rays of Hope, Rhonda Schaller Studio, New York,NY,USA

2007     Principe Azzurro Portatile, Design competition (First Place Award), Art and Academy of Design, Firenze, Italy

2006     When Ideas, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston,MA,USA

2006     L’io Diviso, Dynamo Art Caffè, Milano,Italy

2006     Donna TV, Bertolt Brecht Foundation, Milano,Italy

2006     Un Fiore in Scatola, Bertolt Brecht Foundation, Milano,Italy

2006     Radici, International Award Competition, Valcellina’s Textile Art, Maniaco, Pordenone,Italy

2006     Noia, International Award Competition for Young Sculpters, Arnaldo Pomodoro’s  Foundation, Milano,Italy

2005     Poppy Seeds, 3rd National Collegiate Handmade Paper Art Exhibition, American Museum of Paper making, Atlanta,GA,USA

2004     Red Mind, Alumnae Night Event Exhibition, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,MA,USA

2004     Post-Baccalaureate Exhibition, School of the Museum Fine Arts, Boston,MA,USA