Ciro Strino, aka INORO, was born in Bollate on August 5, 1973.

He has got the certificate of electrician, activity he still does, but the impossibility of attending a school of art has never limited his desire to learn and so as self-taught, he has approached art since he was a child by using texts taken in the library, correspondence courses and visiting exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

His style is predominantly surrealist, though he does not quit with the classical research on the greatest Masters of the history of international art.
In his paintings, he expresses what is for him a dominant thought: the joy and energy of chromaticity understood as a tendency to use colors according to their intrinsic qualities. The use of different techniques and materials (oil, pastels, ink, pencil, airbrush, marble, glue, etc.) allows him to realize his dreamlike art vision.

In recent years, since 2015, he has rediscovered the pleasure of the purity of matter and of the vital contamination that they have through color and he has approached an abstract stage that is a necessary step of his path and strongly sought after.





Participation in the creation of cd covers of some rock groups (see the web page Blinking lights, Arcadia etc.).

“Arte sul Naviglio” event, 2006 edition.

Club Exhibitions  G.a. b. of Bollate and Bollate library Christmas event.

Opening Exhibition “Spazio Comune” organized by the City of Milan Affori section.

Permanent exhibition at “Spritz” in Milan (Ripamonti naviglio area).

Exhibition and charity auction San Gerardo Hospital in Monza through the “Luxury Party” event (review on “Corriere della sera”).

Exhibition at Virgin Active Villages.