Daniele Basso

Daniele Basso /

The project “Vertical Reflection”, artworks in steel, felt and wood, investigates vertical modernity meeting horizontal tradition, fast-paced fashion versus the paralysis of conventions, the boundary between private and public dimensions, trends and beliefs.

Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti

Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti /

The most interesting aspect of his works is the attention given to interiority, understood as the relationship between the human being and the intimate and continuous search for the self. An individual journey within oneself, in total honesty and without prejudices, to be able to aspire to an awareness, to be able to elevate spiritually and begin to conceive as part of the cosmos.

Elisabetta Cavalieri Ducati

Elisabetta Cavalieri Ducati /

Elisabetta Cavalieri Ducati is a ceramic artist who specialises in raku, an ancient Japanese technique used by zen monks in the XVI century for the realisation of tea ceremony bowls.

Massimo Corona

Massimo Corona /

The breakdown and defragmentation of the image characterize the artistic production of this artist. In his first experiments he deals with the human figure through the use of a graphic sign and two primary colors: red and blue. Then he moves to the subject “city” taken from satellite imagery, attracted from that totally vertical point of view, distant and perpendicular to the horizon.

Zuzana Pernicová

Zuzana Pernicová /

Her interest is oriented to social phenomenon, in particular she is attracted by solitude, with a point of view as a social problem of the modern society.

Ilaria Bochicchio (Private collection)

Ilaria Bochicchio (Private collection) /

The infinite layers of colour are imprisoned by the final white veil, which, like a worn out skin membrane, lets you see the inside. The bodies become a white chromatic mass soaked in color. The final draft is reached by brush and spatula strokes aimed at creating a sculptural physicality and a disintegration evoking anthropomorphic figures.