Antonio Franchi

Antonio Franchi /

The expression is showed through lit luminosity and coloristic backgrounds supported by an idea of the geometry. In each painting the presence of the subject (the site) is only perceived, proposing to everyone, through the work’s title, his reading and empathy in his own experiences and memories.


Clementine /

Striking a harmony between intention and spontaneity, this series depicts an abstract reflection of the balance within our lives. Throughout layers of paint, a color palette organically develops in a visual conversation between color, space and form. During the development of each piece, she rotates the canvas for a fresh perspective.

Lucio Tosi

Lucio Tosi /

He defines his painting as a real weight loss therapy. All this through a continuous experimentation of new materials, such as reinforced polystyrene, often in irregular size, of which it prefers small formats. His compositions are essential, almost minimalist, characterized by emptiness, according to aesthetic principles of oriental derivation: often combined in multiple works, such as stories fixed on a wall.

Ornella Uboldi

Ornella Uboldi /

Her research is based on the use of colors, on the feelings and positive emotions that spring from observation. The abstract that “captures” the positivity, the use of colors as “wellness therapy” (BE POSITIVE), the minimal of Zen meditation (LESS is MORE).

Ciro Strino

Ciro Strino /

His style is predominantly surrealistic while not abandoning classical research on the greatest masters of international art history. In his paintings he expresses what for him is a dominant thought: the joy and the energy of chromatism understood as a tendency to use colors according to their intrinsic qualities. The use of different techniques and materials allow him to realize his dreamlike vision of art.