Her interest is oriented to social phenomenon, in particular she is attracted by solitude, with a point of view as a social problem of the modern society. At the beginning, solitude reveals itself in her work in a negative way, as an abandonment feeling that mostly touch old people or people living on the edge of society. The figures of old people become a part of her paints, undefined figures, small textures like they would be absorbed by the chromatic surface and which they look divided “just” by the color at this point. Nowadays instead, figures are disappearing from paint and the chromatic space remains alone to impress by itself. Even the surface of a paint reduced almost to a monochrome can tell us about solitude.

After her detailed studies on the subject she could even comprehend also the positive aspects of the solitude, that can help us to better know or better understand ourself. To express herself in the best way she started to paint her Diary in 2014 titled “Now the meeting could have been happening“. Diary is a really personal thing and generally is an invitation to readers or to audience to confront what they see with their experience. In the Diary daily events mix with the reserch of own identity, recalls with thoughts on how much memory is important, but there is also a mix of the personal balance with familiar and collective relationships.

The main role in this Diary is a feminine figure (the artist herself) that sometime is part off a small “mass“, sometime part of a couple. But we can mostly watch her by herself in different circumstances, covered by dry leafs, painting through clouds, looking for light… Some drawing are associated with a sentence or a small text, that sometime can help us in a better comprehension of the message.





2012- 2015 MA in Visual Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University Brno, CZ, Rybářská 13/15, 603 00 Brno (Luděk Rathouský)

2013 Academic Stay in Accademia di Brera, Milano Head of Department Italo Bressan (Painting)/Gaetano Bacco (Graphic Arts)

2008-2012 BA in Visual Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University Brno, CZ, Rybářská 13/15, 603 00 Brno (Martin Mainer, Jiří Kocman)


Finalist at Prize Carlo Bonatto Minella 2015 (under 30)

Art residence

2017 October – Areacreativa42, Casa Toesca, Rivarolo Canavese

2016 September – Casa di Falconieri, Sardinia


2017 Exhibition with Giacomo Modulo, text curators Karin Reis and Hana Křenková – Centro Ceco, Transiti Ininterrotti, Milan

2016 Strom – pocta Jindřichu Průchovi / A tree (colective exhibition, Galerie Slováckého muzea, Uherské hradiště, april 2016, curator Petr Veselý)

2016 I need a bit of time (personal exhibition, CityArt, Milan, january, text by Martina Cavallarin and Hana Křenková)

2015 Teď mohlo být to setkání (Galerie Katakomby, Brno)

2015 Jiné ticho (Galerie malování a kreslení Nina Mainer, Praha)

2015 Jsem ostrov (Galerie 209, Brno)

2015 Mezi (Galerie Slévárna Vaňkovka, Brno)

2015 No nome (Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno)