Massimo Corona was born in Biella on 21st June 1968.
He attended the drawing and painting course at “Artistic Activity” in Biella.
He attended the free course of the nude at “Accademia Albertina” in Turin.
He attends Hatha Yoga courses, participating in various Hatha Yoga seminars, Relaxation and Bioenergetics Techniques.
He attended theater classes organized by the “Market of Dreams” in Biella.
He is Professor of History of Art and Digital Graphics at U.P.B. of Biella.
He organizes and develops Painting / Theater workshops at “Cooperativa Sociale il Punto” in Biella.





2018 exhibition of collages and tables made with stamps at RAL8022, Milan

2017 Art exhibition at Art Bar&Bistrot Le Biciclette, Milan

2017 “Creativi in sciopero” exhibition, Milano

2016 DesignCircus X-Mas Edition 2016