Emanuel Bullita was born in Milan in 1982.
After finishing the graphic school, he started doing what he had studied for, working in a Communication Agency. Today he works as a creative graphic artist and Art Director.
In 2012 he began to devote himself more and more to his projects and his vision of his surroundings.
He creates MOØ-N, a container and a brand of ideas, artistic creations and different styles, united by the desire to discover, communicate, experiment.
His philosophy is at the base of what he is.
Creativity comes from inspiration, inspiration comes from curiosity, curiosity allows you to observe, and observe allows you to see.
A path based on research, readings and thoughts that change and change over time, always bringing out new works.
He started drawing in pencil (works like OVO), then moving on to digital illustrations (HEN). He also experiments with other techniques such as the use of stamps (TowerR) and freehand drawing like the Fish&Fear series, fish made with the Marker.
Finally he arrives to create the collages that allows him unique creations, always different and with a strong visual impact.
His creations are for a spectator who pays attention to the different forms of expression, does not stop just looking but will try to see and see, in his subjects, evident traces of his personality.





2018 exhibition of collages and tables made with stamps at RAL8022, Milan

2017 Art exhibition at Art Bar&Bistrot Le Biciclette, Milan

2017 “Creativi in sciopero” exhibition, Milano

2016 DesignCircus X-Mas Edition 2016