Aleandro Roncarà was born in a small town of Orbetello in Tuscany on February 1, 50 springs ago.
Former professional basketball player, he played in the Premier League for several years.

Eclectic and imaginative by nature, in 1992 he opened a graphic design studio. He designed cartoons forever, on everything – newspapers, walls, trains. This passion and the encouragement from his three sons who fifteen years ago took him to take the brush. So, that’s how he started painting, for fun.

From that day he gave life to his instincts remained suppressed for years … the color! The characters that animate Mondorondo (the lovely planet without vocabulary!) live, breathe, and are immersed, are themselves pure color, direct, iconic, simple in the way of fun.

At Mondorondo everything is fantasy and nothing is violence as the artist emphasizes. Roncarà outlines his figures with sharp contours and robust blacks, the black lines become real exoskeletons of thoughts, they support the characters. They are funny and iridescent scaffolding, comes out from dreams and ideas, by the lyrics of songs sung at dawn, reaching the morning at  the bar downstairs. He strongly believes in unusual color combinations and in black and male trait that separates them.

Some years ago he met the world of sculpture with considerable results. Marble, resin, bronze are modeled to give life to these curious and unlikely characters. He is also working on writing a novel in which he presents his characters as protagonists.

Aleandro draws, paints and sculpts in his enchanting and unforgettable city – Montecatini Terme.





2017 Solo Show – Palazzo Corsini, Florence

2017 Personale – Centro Steccata, Punta Ala

2017 Personale – Art Event Mazzoleni, Bergamo

2017 Solo Show – Palazzo Guicciardini Strozzi, Florence

2017 Solo Show – Pitti, Florence

2017 Solo Show – Contemporary Art, Forte dei Marmi

2017 Solo Show – Il Cesello Pietrasanta

2017 Solo Show – Art Event Mazzoleni, Forte Village

2017 Personale – Sale Affrescate Comune di Pistoia – Italian Capital of Culture

2017 Solo Show – Il ‘900 Art Gallery, Poltu Quatu

2017 Solo Show – Simon Bart, Porto Cervo

2017 Solo Show – Satura Art Gallery, Genoa

2017 Solo Show – Cervi Fashion Industries

2017 Solo Show – Ozone, Paris

2016 Solo Show – Headache, San Marino

2016 Solo Show – Lechi Museum, Montichiari (BS), “Enjoy”

2016 Solo Show – Lajatico (PI)

2016 Personale – Marino Marini Museum, Pistoia

2016 Aff­resco Murale, MUST Museum, Faenza

2016 Collective exhibition – P Art Ibiza Gallery

2016 The Podenco Project, P Art Ibiza Gallery

2015 Collective exhibition – ArtSpace 8,Chicago

2015 Personale – Centro Steccata Gallery, Parma

2015 Solo Show – Circle Milano, Milan Fashion Week

2015 Solo Show – Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, Bologna

2014 Solo Show – Barbato Scafati Art Gallery

2014 Solo Show – Food & Street, Nice

2014 Personale – Aperol Terrace, Milan

2014 Aff­ordable Art Fair Milan, Superstudio

2013 Solo Show – Spazio San Giorgio, Bologna

2013 Personale – Exhibition Space Sopra le Logge, #INSTA-POP, Pisa,  “There are no more rabbits than once”

2013 Solo Show – Ugo Guidi Museum, Forte dei Marmi

2013 Solo Show – SPOLETO Art Fair “Macro in un Micro”

2013 Aff­ordable Art Fair Milan, Superstudio

2012 Collective exhibition – Neo Pop.Art , Spazio San Giorgio, Bologna

2012 Personale – Centòmini at the Spa, Montecatini

2012 Art at the Castle, Biennal of painting, Fortezza di Montecarlo

2012 Solo Show – Miss Italia, Miss Dixie

2012 Solo Show – Pop-panti, Pescia

2012 FACES Iroko Studio, Milan

2012 Marguttiana, Forte dei Marmi

2012 Surreal and Fantastic, Arttime, Udine

2012 Vernice Art Fair, Forlì

2011 Collective exhibition – Art In The Bunker, London

2011 Marguttiana, Forte dei Marmi

2011 Collective exhibition – G8, Saluzzo Arte

2010 Arte in Fiera, Reggio Emilia

2010 Marguttiana, Forte dei Marmi

2010 Vernice Art Fair, Forlì

2009 Solo show – Pop Heart, Torretta Valadier, Rome

2009 Solo Show – Palazzo Forti, Pescia

2009 Solo show – Dettagli, Studio Domus, Borgo a Buggiano

2009 Collective exhibition – Kursaal, Montecatini Terme